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Features to Look for in Business Hotels  商务酒店的特征 

Sure, they all have beds and a bathroom (we hope!) but when it comes to business travel, all hotels are not created equal. Check out these features that might come in handy before you book your next hotel for business travel.


1.High-Speed Internet in Your Room  房间内有高速的网络 

Whether it’s wireless or via an Ethernet line, in-room Internet service is essential for staying on top of emails, working on presentations and curbing on-the-road boredom.

在房间里有网络服务,不管是无限网络还是以太网, 对发邮件,工作还是打发时间都是很重要的。

2.Business Centers  商务中心 

Need to fax or print something? Lost your computer and need to get online? Though not available in every hotel chain, a business/office center can be indispensable for on-the-road workers.


3.Room Service  客房服务 

Yes, it’s expensive and not always good (or good for you), but when you’re tired from a long day of meetings, the last thing you want to do is drive around town looking for something to eat. At the very least, you’ll want the hotel to have some sort of mini-mart where you can pick up water, soda, and small bites to tide you over.


4.Workout Facilities  锻炼设施 

After too many nights of said room service meals, you may notice that your pants are feeling a little snug. Stay healthy on the road by checking yourself into hotels that have some sort of exercise equipment.


5.Shuttle Services  往返服务 

Avoid having to take a cab or rent a car by booking rooms in hotels with shuttle service to/from the airport.


6.Location  选址 

Do some research before you travel, so you can find a hotel in the best location relative to your meetings or the airport, depending on your schedule.


7.Concierge Service  门房服务 

Available generally in major cities, concierge service can help you with everything from finding a restaurant to flagging a cab.


8.Conference Rooms  会议室 

If you need to prepare for a large presentation, or just need a place for a team to work before a meeting, a conference room can be helpful. In addition, if you require significant time to set up before a meeting or have lots of samples, you might want to have clients come to your hotel for the meeting instead of schlepping large items around town.



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